Screening on OLX home page with full-screen video

Videobacklayer is an advertising technique consisting of full-size video material.

Four files must be provided: video file (1) in the form of MP4 h264 – size 1.9 MB, ratio 16:9; two wallpapers (2); and wideboard (3) to emit after the video is closed on the second page view, or together with a video format on the first page view. See the details below.

Possible format screening in three versions:
Video + (transparent) wideboard on the first page view + static screening with wideboard on the second page view
Video (without wideboard) + static screening with wideboard on the second page view.
Video (without wideboard and static screening on the second page view) – in the case of only video broadcasting, the main message must be contained in a video file, in the 300 px space designated in the visualisation as the “Height between content” and 900 px width, below the 72 px bar designated in the visualisation as the “Navigation height”.

After closing the video, the screening must be static. Recommended wallpaper size is 1920×1100 px (two versions – see description below); 1070×300 px for wideboard (it is also possible to embed: 750×200, 900×200, 750×300, 900×300).
Wallpapers must be in the form of JPG files and the transparent wideboard as a PNG file. Wallpapers must be developed in two versions:
1. For resolution below 1440 (screen width) – the site content is 1077 px.
2. For resolution above 1440 (screen width) – the site content is 1286 px.

The video size must not exceed 1.9 MB. The total banner and wallpaper size must not exceed 200 kB (wideboard 50 kB and wallpaper 150 kB).

See the creation visualised below.
A section of the wallpaper (as seen from above) will be hidden under navigation controls. While scrolling down, the navigation controls will collapse to reveal the wallpaper. The navigation controls’ height is 72 px. This area should be excluded from the main advertising area and contain only the wallpaper background. The main advertising area should be placed up to the height of 700 px, as seen from the top of the wallpaper.
The OLX site width and visible wallpaper area depend on the user’s screen width/resolution. As a result, the customer can prepare 2 wallpapers to most accurately adapt vital advertising messages to the OLX site and the most common screen resolutions (main message on the wallpaper close to the site content).


Material delivery date: A complete set of materials must be provided at least 2 business days before broadcast.